Doing some upgrades 2010/12/18

Doing some upgrades, finally upgraded to PHP 5.3 - so now running Nginx again with PHP-FPM - very fast! (and hopefully stable now)

Back to Wordpress 2010/07/07

There was a lot I liked about werc, but just not enough time to build out properly, so it’s back to Wordpress at least for this blog (for now).

Back to Lighttpd 2010/04/22

This site has been down a lot lately, and about to be down a bit longer.

Why? Well, nginx hasn’t been working out so well - or more specifically spawn-fcgi - it just keeps crashing. Nginx by itself is great - the memory footprint really is smaller and the config file is simple. If you only need to serve static files (like for an image server), you probably can’t beat it - but until there is something stabler for cgi support (for fcgi running PHP 5.3 there is / will be soon) - if I really want to run werc, I need to switch back to lighttpd for now.

And if lighttpd is “suckless” enough for Anselm, it ought to be good enough for me.

Back up with nginx 2010/03/19

Back up with nginx - learning my way around werc - might as well keep this up in the meantime.

Switching to nginx 2010/03/17

Switching from lighttpd/wordpress to nginx/werc – blog will be down for a little while.