Windows 7: I’m impressed

Jeremy Zawodny says Windows 7 is “snappy” on his T61 - but I wanted to go him one better.

I’m writing this post on a painfully dated IBM T42 (right, that means a pre-Lenovo Thinpad, circa 2004) and Windows 7 actually outperforms Ubuntu 8.10.

Repeat: Windows 7 is faster than Ubuntu 8.10 on 512MB of ram - that’s Vista - with Aero turned on - and it’s faster.

(No, I don’t have any benchmarks on this, but seriously) The boot time is actually obnoxiously faster - but Jaunty should take care of that.

Oddly (or appropriately?), I still tend to prefer a simple gnome desktop - Chrome on Windows 7 is tough to resist though.

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