All your friend/feed are belong to Facebook

friendfeed_logo And FriendFeed goes to Facebook.

Robert Scoble was probably the world’s foremost FriendFeed evangelist - worth reading some of the discussion here.

Bittersweet news if you loved FriendFeed. It reminds me a bit of my initial reaction to Yahoo acquiring Flickr - nice to see a beloved service make it big, and the simultaneous fear that everything that made it great is suddenly in jeopardy. Yahoo was relatively hands-off and Flickr fared well (sadly to no avail of it’s parent company). Like it or not, it seems unlikely FriendFeed will share this fate, and perhaps rightly so, it’s Facebook enthusiasts who stand to benefit here.

My only hope is that Facebook is able to assimilate more from this than real time status updates and 75 thousand potentially disgruntled users. Whatever FriendFeed team members they can retain belong in key roles both in UI design and overall strategy.

Facebook doesn’t have to be as simple as Twitter, if it could just become half as open and simple as FriendFeed, I would gladly spend more time there.

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