IGN - A Credit Card Leaching Honey Trap of Death

This is just a buyer beware -

IGN is a credit card leaching honey trap of death. Once you sign up for an account you join a vast network of “free” services - and I mean a lot of services - honestly you could have just bought into the largest network of age verification porn keys - it’s crazy.

Then they store your credit card information and send it to all of these guys - and if you want to cancel your account or even just delete your credit card information - you can’t! You have to contact customer service directly between 9 and 5 Pacific Time!

Although, in the fine print of the service agreement they do finally admit that some users may feel uncomfortable with their personal information being stored on IGN servers and may want to remove it more immediately, for whatever reason, and so “although not generally recommended”, editing all of your account information to false information, would be an alternative way to effectively cancel you account- which is totally lame, but it was what I had to do.

So for a good time on the fraudulent Amex card I made up, head over to any IGN affiliated site and log in as ignsucks@ignsucks.com, password: ignsucks.

Anyway, all this because I couldn’t find ES IV Oblivion anywhere in Hong Kong today (I live in Hong Kong), so I thought Direct2Drive might be a good way to go - it wasn’t - they wouldn’t verify my US visa card because I’m in Hong Kong - I get that a lot - so then I thought “oh well, better delete the account” or at least my credit card information - found out that was impossible - and here we are.

Bottom line: stay away from IGN - their days as a useful game service run by friendly Nintendo fanboys are far behind them (sorry Peer, but you know it’s true) , so steer clear and head on over to NextGen or 1up.com - free content that’s better than IGN or GameSpy on their best day - and no more endless premium subscriptions, bonus offers, irritating pop-ups or other annoying porn-like scams.

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